Mizoram’s chief minister apologises after his daughter “hits a doctor.”

In a viral video, the daughter of the chief minister of Mizoram assaults a dermatologist; Zoramthanga issues an apology.


After a video of his daughter hitting a dermatologist went viral, the chief minister of Mizoram apologised and stated that he had nothing to say in his defence.

On Saturday, August 20, the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Zoramthanga, issued an apology after a video of his daughter, Milari Chhangte, hitting an Aizawl-based dermatologist went viral. Using his official Instagram account, Zoramthanga issued a public apology for his daughter’s behaviour and asked the doctor for forgiveness.


“We have nothing to defend or justify our daughter’s behaviour toward the doctor. We beg the doctor and the public’s pardon “the Mizoram chief minister said in a statement.


In addition, Zoramthanga disclosed that he later visited the dermatologist and apologised in person. Previously, his son Ramthansiama had apologised for his sister’s outburst, citing mental stress as the cause. Chhangte and the doctor have not yet been reached for comment on the incident.


Angry physicians over the alleged assault

As soon as the video went viral, it sparked outrage among the medical community. More than 800 doctors, led by members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), staged a protest over the alleged assault and wore black badges to work. PTI revealed, citing a protestor named Lalhlutthangi Hmar, that the incident occurred after Chhangte, the only daughter of the Mizoram chief minister, was asked to make an appointment before her visit to the clinic.


Zoramthanga’s daughter was observed punching the dermatologist in the face before being escorted out of the clinic, indicating that she was displeased. In a statement, the Mizoram branch of the IMA said, “We hope that such acts of violence against medical professionals will never occur again.” The Chief Minister of Mizoram thanked the IMA for not taking severe action against his daughter for her behaviour.

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