CMC Vellore Ragging: TN Medical University Seeks report, accused students booked

Chennai: Taking cognizance of the instances of ragging of first-year MBBS students at Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, the Tamil Nadu Medical University has sought a report from the institute in this regard.

University registrar Dr Ashwath Narayan has sought a report from the college following media reports on the alleged ragging of first-year students, adds IANS.

Meanwhile, a First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against the seven senior students of the institute. Bagayam police near Vellore booked these students on the basis of a complaint filed by the Principal of the institute, Dr. Solomon Satishkumar.

After being suspended from the colleges, these students have now been booked under the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997. The college decided to file the police complaint after the special committee of the institute found involvement of these senior students in the ragging incident.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported that the administration of CMC Vellore had suspended seven senior MBBS students of the institute. This decision was taken by the college authorities on the basis of a preliminary inquiry conducted by a committee after receiving an anonymous complaint on Sunday.

In that letter, an MBBS student belonging to the batch who joined the institute in March 2022 gave detailed description about the instances of ragging. Later, a copy of the letter had been shared on Twitter as well.

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The letter, a copy of which was shared on Twitter, claimed that the first-year MBBS students of the Institute were being subjected to ragging on a daily basis. It includes physical abuse of all kinds, along with horrifying acts of sexual assault, psychological abuse, compulsory rules of dress code etc. The letter alleged that the students get slapped for trivial reasons, get beaten up by the seniors, and sometimes the seniors allegedly take them to the top floor and suspend them by upside down.

Apart from this, the seniors made it compulsory for the students to learn the full names and addresses of the seniors, made them wait for long hours at mess, forced them to remain clean shaven at all the the time, write practical records of seniors, and perform tasks for the seniors at any time of the day or night.

Further, the letter have description of a particular act of ragging on November 9, 2022, when the seniors arranged “Junior Mr. Men’s Hostel” – a bodybuilding competition, in which all the juniors had to participate even without their consent. While the wardens were present during the programme and some of the doctors acted as judges, after they left, the seniors made the first-year medicos parade and run around the hostel in their underwears and perform multiple tasks including lying down in the mud while the seniors sprayed water on them.

The concerned Tweet had tagged the Police and the Chief Minister’s office as well. Now, taking cognizance of the matter, the registrar of Tamil Nadu Medical University Dr Ashwath Narayan has sought a report from the college following media reports on the alleged ragging of first-year students.

As per the latest media report by The Hindu, Bagayam Police has registered an FIR against the seven senior MBBS students on the basis of a complaint by the CMC Principal on Thursday. Speaking about this, S. Rajesh Kannan, SP (Vellore), told the daily, “We have received a complaint from the college on the incident. Any action on the said students will be taken only after a detailed investigation of the case.”

The police complaint was lodged after the CMC special committee, comprising of the faculty members of various departments of the college, submitted its report to the anti-ragging cell, which is mandatory in all the colleges.

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