Dr. Raj Nagarkar from HCG Manavata Cancer Centre Nasik performs 702 Robotic Surgeries using the CMS Versius robotic technology

Dr. Raj Nagarkar, a renowned oncologist and robotic surgeon from HCG Manavata Cancer Centre, Nasik becomes the world’s first surgeon to perform 702 robotic surgeries using the CMS Versius robotic technology in a short span of 35 months and 53 robotic surgeries in one month. He performed the first robotic surgery in the year 2019. Most of the robotic procedures treated include cancers of the colon, rectum, stomach, breast, pancreas, gallbladder, and uterus among a host of other critical procedures with excellent outcomes. CMR Versius robotic technology, was used to perform these surgeries that integrates seamlessly into workflows and resets expectations of modern robotic surgeries.

Each of these remarkable surgeries come with the proven advantages of high-end robotics technology like minimal invasiveness, 3D views with improved dexterity, a higher degree of freedom of movements, lesser hospital stays, reduced blood loss, equivocal and oftentimes, superior surgical outcomes. The use of Versius robotic technology has added more significance to the trailblazing infrastructure at HCG Manavata Cancer Centre, Nasik, and the spark of excellence to Dr. Raj’s precision and expertise. Its innovative design enabling surgeons to perform minimal access surgery and providing access to more patients to have the highest quality of surgical care has made surgical interventions premiere.

Dr. Raj Nagarkar, Managing Director & Chief Robotic Surgeon & Surgical Oncologist, HCG Manavata Cancer Centre Nasik said, “Robotics technology is the extension of human hands, and its biggest advantage is that a surgeon gets a 16 times magnified 3D image along with small 5mm ports with the help of which complex procedures to perform. It has transformed the healthcare scenario in India. With innovate procedures in robotic surgery, HCG will continue to invest and make it accessible to the patients.  The Versius technology has helped us to provide the best possible surgical outcomes and the completion of more than 700 successful surgeries is a proof of our commitment to provide the latest and the best quality of care”.

Before embarking on the journey of robotic surgery, Dr. Raj Nagarkar has been extensively trained in both virtual and cadaver training at Sharjah Surgical Institute, Sharjah, UAE followed by Cambridge Medical Robotics Centre, Cambridge.

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