Success Rate of Heart Bypass Surgery

A heart bypass surgery is a procedure that is used to reroute the heart’s blood flow around a clogged or restricted artery. This is a common approach used to treat coronary artery disease. A heart bypass surgery can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

With the advent of newer surgical techniques in heart bypass surgery, the success rate of the procedure has also risen in the past decade or so.

Which factors influence the success of a heart bypass surgery?

The success of a heart bypass surgery can be influenced by the experience of the cardiac surgeon, the hospital where you are receiving the treatment, your age, overall health, and the type of heart condition you have. It is important to consider these factors when deciding to go for a heart bypass surgery. You should also be aware of the possible risks associated with the surgery such as infection and reduced kidney function. However, in recent times, the risk of these complications has significantly reduced. Thus, improving the success rates of heart bypass surgery.

How successful is a bypass surgery in solving your heart problems?

In countries like India, if you receive treatment from some of the top hospitals, then the success rate of a heart bypass surgery can be as high as 95%. This is mainly because of good infrastructure and highly qualified experts in such hospitals. Also, treatments like heart bypass surgery are available in India at a reasonable price.

In the US, heart bypass surgery has a success rate of 98% with about half a million operations performed in a year. For Dubai, the success rate of a heart bypass varies in the range of 82-94%.

Countries like Turkey also have a pool of talented and qualified cardiac surgeons that has led to high success rates of surgery like 96-97% with a low mortality rate of 2-3%.

Steps you should take after a bypass surgery

To make heart bypass surgery a success, proper post-operative rehabilitation and a healthy lifestyle are important. Some of the steps you can follow to ensure a successful bypass surgery include

  • Eating healthy foods
  • Gradually start exercising
  • Quit smoking
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Getting involved in cardiac rehabilitation

Avail Heart Bypass Surgery Across the World


Evaluating the success rate of a major operation like heart bypass surgery is an

important step when preparing for the procedure. Fortunately, heart bypass surgery has good success rates, and patients who have had the surgery also enjoy a long and healthy life.

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