More than 150 children have died in a measles outbreak in Zimbabwe.

According to the authorities, a measles outbreak in Zimbabwe has resulted in at least 157 child deaths and more than 2,000 illnesses.

Since authorities announced that the initial infection was registered earlier this month, cases have been swiftly increasing throughout the country of southern Africa, with reported mortality nearly doubling in less than a week.

In a press conference following a weekly cabinet meeting, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa stated that as of August 15, there were 2,056 cases and 157 fatalities nationwide.

Mutsvangwa declared that the government will increase immunisation efforts and that it had used special legal provisions to obtain funding from the national disaster fund “to cope with the catastrophe.”

She added that not all casualties had received vaccinations and that the government would speak with traditional and religious leaders to get their support for the immunisation drive.

The outbreak has previously been attributed by the health ministry to church sect gatherings.

The most severe side effects of the measles virus, which primarily affects youngsters, include blindness, brain swelling, diarrhoea, and severe respiratory infections.

A red rash that starts on the face and extends to the rest of the body is one of its symptoms. It used to be fairly frequent, but now a vaccine can prevent it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in April that Africa was experiencing a surge in avoidable diseases as a result of neglecting to vaccinate children, with measles cases increasing by 400%.

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