Return to work for Aurangabad GMCH’s resident Doctors

Residents at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) here resumed work on Thursday morning after taking a day off to protest the assault on one of their coworkers.
The GMCH administration has started taking initiatives to improve the safety of doctors who are on duty, according to Dr. Shirish Phadnis, vice-president of the MARD’s Aurangabad chapter.
The authorities have implemented one entry-one exit at the Causality department in response to our request. The procedure for giving visitor passes is also being introduced gradually, he said.

Following an assault on one of the doctors by a patient’s relative, some 350 resident doctors at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in this city went on strike on Wednesday. While the walkout had a limited impact on the state-run facility’s medical services, agitated doctors have called for a complete revamp of the security system, including a reliable check on patient mobility in the emergency and other important departments.
According to Dr. Shirish Phadnis, vice-president of the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors’ Aurangabad chapter, the patient’s younger sibling attacked the physician in the early hours of Wednesday at the surgery department. The patient had a head injury and was intoxicated. He was treated according to medical protocol because his condition was getting worse and he required intubation. When the patient was being intubated, his younger sibling became enraged and attacked a resident physician and other medical professionals, according to Phadnis.
The doctor who was attacked, according to the MARD, required stitches after sustaining a significant lesion to his right brow. MARD office-bearers reported that the Begampura police station had received a report of an offence.

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