The Push-Pull Mentoring Model: Ensuring the Success of Mentors and Mentees

Mentorship is vital for professional development in academic research and clinical practice, yet it faces challenges due to a limited number of experienced mentors and a lack of protected time for mentorship that may disproportionately affect women mentors in midcareer who are doing much of this “invisible work.” The Push-Pull Mentoring Model offers a potential solution by emphasizing shared responsibility and active engagement between mentors and mentees; it fosters a flexible and collaborative approach that is mutually (though not necessarily equally) supportive of both individuals’ career goals, with mentees pushing mentors up and facilitating opportunities in their realm of influence, including but not limited to sponsorship, while mentors are simultaneously pulling them up. The Push-Pull Mentoring Model provides a promising alternative to traditional mentoring models and may help institutions address the challenges associated with limited mentorship resources.

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