Roche launches digital health brand Navify


Roche made the announcement today during the HLTH 2022 summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, that its digital health portfolio will now be offered under the navify brand. Basel is the location of this gathering. By activating insights that provide evidence on how to optimise operational processes and clinical decision making in the healthcare industry, the digital solutions offered by navify assist providers and patients “navigate” and “clarify” a wide range of touchpoints.

According to Moritz Hartmann, Head of Roche Information Technologies, “today we are leveraging navify digital solutions, such as algorithms, and data science to give insights that are actionable in healthcare. This is building on three decades of software experience with diagnostics in laboratories.” “We are creating open digital ecosystems with labs, hospitals, and medtech companies in order to bring the latest innovations to society more quickly in order to better serve patients, and to support clinicians in the provision of care for patients. These activities support our strategy to deliver insights that drive individualised care.”

By working together, navify enables new methods to:

Enhance the interoperability of digital infrastructure because, in the present day, restricted capacities to link and share data in a seamless manner are a drain on healthcare systems. $30 billion alone in the United States,
Utilize advanced analytics to achieve operational excellence, improved workflows, and patient-centric ways of working There is a global shortage of up to 15 million healthcare workers expected by the year 2030:2 providers face increasing workloads with fewer resources; therefore, locating additional efficiencies is a priority.
Generate advanced medical insights that boost clinical decision support: Two out of every three physicians are uncertain as to whether they are overusing or underusing diagnostics in comparison to their peers.


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