JJ Hospital in Mumbai discovers 132-year-old British tunnel

Authorities in Mumbai discovered a tunnel-like structure 132 years old while examining a water leakage on the premises of the government-run JJ Hospital. The tunnel-like structure was erected in 1890 underneath the hospital.

A facility that had once functioned as the Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit Hospital for Women and Children was the location where the uncovering of the 200-meter-long structure took place. After some time, it was transformed into a school for nursing.

According to the officials, the tunnel was discovered when an assessment of the structure was carried out in response to a report of water leaks.

According to Dr. Arun Rathod, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, the foundation stone of the historic structure from the British era was placed on January 27, 1890, by Lord Reay, who served as the Governor of Bombay at the time.

Dr. Pallavi Saple, the Dean of the Hospital, stated to PTI that they have informed the Mumbai collector and the Maharashtra Archaeology Department about the discovery. This is because the building in question is a heritage monument.

Dr. Rathod, who examined the building from the interior, reported to PTI that it stands 4.5 feet tall and is supported by multiple brick pillars. According to him, a stone wall now stands in front of the entrance.

After entering what seemed to be a sealed ventilation duct that was three feet by three feet in size, they entered the building. According to what he mentioned, the front and back sides of the construction each have a number of these kinds of closed off apertures.

Dr. Rathod stated that although it had been reported by some old employees of the hospital that the building located behind this one also dates back to the British era and contains a similar structure underground, it had not been verified.


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