A man posing as hospital personnel steals a child from a hospital in Meerut.

Reportedly, in a horrifying incident, a man impersonating a member of the medical team snatched a newborn from Meerut Medical College. The infant’s parents, who resided near the police station in Kithor, filed a complaint. The parents stated in their lawsuit that a stranger who had befriended them had abducted their child.

This incident was captured by the hospital’s surveillance camera, and the video of it was uploaded to Twitter.


After reviewing the hospital’s CCTV footage, it was determined that the unidentified suspect was between the ages of 30 and 35. The Medical College police station has begun an investigation, and officers are seeking to locate and catch the culprit as soon as possible.

According to PK Singh, SP of the city, the crime was detected on Tuesday after a report was submitted at the Medical College police station. The child was vaccinated by a person who entered the room claiming to be a member of the medical team.


At that point, the infant and the man departed the hospital grounds. A team has been formed, and the suspect will be apprehended shortly. Abduction claims have prompted the Medical College police station to file a report. Police are investigating the case by analysing CCTV footage.

The child’s relative, as told by Pramod, “Doctors recommended that we immunise the infant. We believed the individual to be a hospital employee due to his roving behaviour. As I did not know where the vaccination will be administered, he accompanied me.” Pramod stated that when he went to acquire the documents, the man encouraged him to hand the infant to him. The man and the infant were nowhere to be seen when he returned.

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