Tihar doctor ‘caught’ bringing narcotics into jail, held in Delhi

Tihar doctor ‘caught’ bringing narcotics into jail, held in Delhi

According to authorities, a junior resident doctor at Tihar Jail was detained for allegedly bringing drugs into the facility. The defendant, a dentist, has a contract to practise at the Central Jail.

Dr. Varun Goel was apprehended by jail security personnel on Wednesday. He allegedly tried to conceal the drugs in his shoes but was frisked and discovered, according to police.

According to DCP (West) Ghanshyam Bansal, his team learned of the recovery of 82 grammes of marijuana and some tobacco from Tihar jail.

The dentist was apprehended by authorities while giving the drugs to Vikas Jha, an inmate he had seen. Varun and Vikas each had 38 gm of ganja retrieved from them, according to the DCP.

According to the 1985 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, the doctor was detained.

Sandeep Goel, the DG of Tihar, stated that the doctor has only been employed by the jail for a few months.

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