Improvement of Cancer Prevention and Control: Reflection on the Role of Emerging Information Technologies

Cancer has become an important public health problem affecting the health of Chinese residents, as well as residents all over the world. With the improvement of cancer prevention and treatment, the growth of the mortality rate of cancers has slowed down gradually, but the incidence rate is still increasing rapidly, and cancers still impose heavy disease and economic burdens. Cancer screening and early cancer diagnosis and treatment are important ways to reduce the burden of cancer-related diseases. At present, various projects for early cancer diagnosis and treatment have been implemented in China. With the expansion of the coverage of these projects, the problems related to project implementation, operation, and management have emerged gradually. In recent years, emerging information technologies have been applied in the field of health and have facilitated health management and clinical decision-making. Meanwhile, China announced multiple policies to encourage and promote the application of information technologies in the field of health. Therefore, combined with the analysis of major problems in cancer prevention and control projects, this paper probes into how to apply information technologies such as biological information mining, artificial intelligence, and electronic information collection technology to various stages of cancer prevention and control. Information technologies realize the integrated management of prevention and control processes, for example, mobilization and preliminary identification, high-risk assessment, clinical screening, clinical diagnosis and treatment, tracking and follow-up, and biological sample management of high-risk groups, and promote the efficient implementation of cancer prevention and control projects in China.

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