Re: Feb 24th Gaza: “No health system left,” says MSF

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This BMJ article notes: on Feb 22nd MSF reported that the healthcare system in Gaza is no longer functioning.

On Feb 24th passed the second anniversary of the escalation of the war and invasion in Ukraine. And the Ukrainian president marked the occasion by saying that there have been “31,000 soldiers killed, giving figure for first time, US officials have suggested …” different figures. (1).

The Guardian also reported this weekend that the death toll in Gaza is likely to pass “the grim milestone of 30,000 this week, as negotiators try to pin down a ceasefire and hostage-release deal, and the Israeli government presses ahead with plans for an attack on Rafah.” (2).

These grim figures are milestones that testify to unquantifiable suffering faced by each individual that makes up these figures.


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Re: Feb 24th Gaza: “No health system left,” says MSF

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