Re: Assisted dying framed as true love

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Dear Editor

In her response to Tessa Richards’ article, Teresa Lynch reminds us that the primary function of Parliament is to protect the public. Protect from what? I hope that Parliament will consider protection from unbearable suffering within its remit.

Palliative care can do much and could do more if better funded, but its interventions, though important and often very beneficial, cannot prevent all distress, especially the mental distress of loss of faculties and of dignity.

Ms Lynch also tells us what people want, and one cannot disagree with her list. However, care and compassion have long included hastening of the inevitable end that we all face. To deny that an assisted death can be an expression of vocational healthcare is not only a denial of what care can, and should, include, but also is a snub to those whose compassion extends further than Ms Lynch would wish.

Peter Bamber

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Saturday, February 24, 2024 – 08:19
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Re: Assisted dying framed as true love

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Peter A
Calderdale, West Yorkshire
Retired anaesthetist
Humanists UK
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