IRE this week. Doctors to vote on more strike action

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Whilst we have good reason for striking over pay and conditions I think that we are going beyond what is professional in persistently pursuing huge wage claims when the government has said that they cannot afford it. The BMA dose not have the mandate to topple the government. As professionals we should accept what the government has consistently said that they can afford. We should be negotiating on juniors student loan repayments and forgiveness of the same. Also we should be negotiating about Consultant pension anomalies. As a caring profession we are showing scant regards for the public by submitting them to these continued disruptive strikes. Let us stop the strikes, negotiate on what we can negotiate on and come back to increased salary another time. If we are truly caring professionals let us maintain our integrity and show that that we care more about our patients than just increased wage rises. Let us show that we are not British Moneygrabbers Association.

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Monday, November 13, 2023 – 18:40
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IRE this week. Doctors to vote on more strike action

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