Check Out The Future Of Medical Tourism in India!

India is known for providing high-quality medical service at low costs to medical tourists traveling from across the globe. Tourists prefer India because of the initiatives of subsidies in medical tourism the treatment cost here is much lower than in other countries. India became capable to win the trust of people from across the world leading to a bright future of medical tourism in India, which means better hospitality and more facilities. 


What is The Future Of Medical Tourism in India?



Global Wellness Institute states that the world medical tourism market was estimated to be around USD 639 billion in 2017 with secondary wellness International travelers with 89% of the trips and 86% of the expenditure and domestic medical tourism with 82% of total trips and 65% of expenditure.  In the same year, as per statistics of Global Wellness Tourism, India ranked 7th amongst the 20 leading medical tourism countries, with 560 lakh trips in medical tourism that generated a total revenue of USD 16.3 billion. We aim to provide more treatments in India in the future and bring smiles to your faces. 

We feel honored to be tourists’ choice and gladly support them at their worst times, here at GoMedii our aim is to provide the best treatment on a budget to everyone. 


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Treatment costs in India in comparison to other countries


The heavily subsidized treatment costs are a big reason why people are considering traveling abroad to avail the best medical facilities at only a fraction of what they have to pay in their home countries. Countries like India are able to afford world-class medical care at reasonable costs, this got possible because of the low cost of infrastructure and the ever-lower doctor-patient ratio.

As per a cost comparison study by the American Medical Association, a Heart Bypass will cost $144,000 in the US, $27,000 in Mexico, and $15,121 in Thailand, but $5,200 in India. Similarly, in the US for a bone marrow transplant, you will have to pay around $400,000, in the UK $150,000 but in India, it will cost just $30,000. No matter what treatment you opt for, you will save around 70-75 percent of the total cost including medical tourism, health or medical services, accommodation, and food services. 


An initiative by the government to enhance the future of medical tourism in India


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The following steps have been taken up by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare:


  • A special provision of a Medical Visa has been made for tourists traveling to India for healthcare purposes. This has been made available in 165 countries.


  • Setting up a feedback mechanism to obtain testimonials from tourists traveling to the country for medical purposes. This ‘one-step’ portal will add to the convenience and provide reliable information for medical tourists coming to India.


  • The Heal in India initiative focuses on making the country a global hub for medical and wellness tourism. Under this initiative, foreigners looking for medical help will be able to locate the list of hospitals in the country available to provide their choice of medical treatments through a ‘one step’ online portal. It is a one-stop shop for all services from the treatment package cost, and visa applications to grievance redressals and feedback. The goal of this initiative is to provide a database of healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and pharmacists.


Why is India a leading Medical Tourism Destination?


Medical tourism in India had fallen to nearly 33 percent during 2020-21. It increased to 50 percent in 2021-22. In the first half of 2022-23, it crossed the pre-pandemic levels. Be believe that a country should have a world-class healthcare ecosystem and developed techniques to establish its reputation as a medical tourism destination. 


The points mentioned describe why people trust India as a medical tourism market: 


  • International Level Healthcare Services


  • Superlative Allied Sectors


  • Diagnostics and medical devices sectors


  • Pharmaceutical industry


  • Low Cost of Treatment


  • Better Facility of Medical Care


  • Great Accommodation Options 


According to statistics, tourists from most countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Maldives, Oman, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Iraq. There is a huge potential in India to attract medical tourists from other parts of the world including Europe and the Americas, as India offers quality treatment at a reasonable cost and the treatment process here is hustle free.


Participating In The Future Of Medical Tourism in India


We at GoMedii focus on making your treatment procedure easy and affordable, by proving you with budget treatment at India’s best hospitals which means the best treatment by highly qualified specialists via the most recent and trustworthy procedures and techniques. It is very important to choose the best medical tourism company to save your time and money. To know more you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724 or +91 9599004811) or email us at [email protected] our team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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