To each one, one’s own Re: Remote working in medicine: the good, the bad, and the barriers

I Agree

Dear Editor,

There can be no doubt that the doctor and the patient meeting in person has many advantages except probably the convenience of each one.
Many people have become either complacent, reluctant or lazy to travel to the clinic and wait in the antechamber for the turn to enter the doctor’s cabin.
In some cases doctors themselves may wish to work remotely.

Already there are two studied responses to the article. I do not pretend to better on their observations and recommendations.
Why I took to the proverbial pen is that the cover picture of the issue of the BMJ along with the caption, I found very captivating by silently conveying the sentiments:
The hook on the wall appears to me like a pair of horns with the stethoscope hanging from it as if from the horns of the proverbial dilemma, while the stethoscope itself appearing wilted.
Always, the BMJ covers are eye catching, but this time I could not but avoid complimenting the artist for the simple and meaningful illustration.

Arvind Joshi,

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022 – 20:14
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To each one, one’s own Re: Remote working in medicine: the good, the bad, and the barriers

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