Hospitals referring critical patients must provide sufficient justification.

Hospitals that have been out of treatment for a significant amount of time and have been referring patients to other facilities unnecessarily are no longer good. These kinds of occurrences will be taken very seriously by the Uttar Pradesh Health Department. From this point on, referring hospitals will be required to provide adequate reasons.
Hospitals that are unable to treat a patient because they have determined that the patient is not well will be required to provide a sufficient rationale.

It has been common practise in many public hospitals to transfer patients to other facilities without first attempting to treat them. All of the hospitals have essentially evolved into referral centres. Because of this, multi-specialty hospitals in the nation’s capital, such as SGPI, KGMU, and Lohia, have seen a significant increase in the number of people seeking treatment. These hospitals are already experiencing such a high volume of serious patients that there is no longer any room for new patients to be admitted. But they will have to pay a price to continue doing it now. Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of India, has voiced his extreme disapproval over the recent tendency of making frivolous referrals.

The number of primary and community health centres, in addition to health sub-centers, is steadily being increased by the government so that individuals can access treatment facilities that are geographically close to them. Every municipality is presently in the process of establishing a medical college. On the other hand, the practise of turning away patients in public hospitals is becoming more and more common. This problem is not unique to primary and community health centres (PHCs) or hospitals at the district level. In medical schools, you’ll also find yourself in this position. In the event that the patient’s condition becomes somewhat bad for no apparent reason, the patient is promptly transferred to a more advanced medical facility. If the treatment is provided to the patient there, then not only will it make life easier for the people, but it will also save the lives of all those people who pass away while they are being referred from here to there.

Strictness in response to CM’s discontentment

Now that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has voiced his concern about this matter, the Health and Medical Education Department has taken action in response to it. Now hospitals and medical institutes like these are not in a good position. They will be watched carefully. The extent of the principals’ responsibilities is now being determined. Every patient is required to offer a sufficient explanation for the recommendation. This justification is going to need to be written down simultaneously with the reference. The hospitals that receive the most referrals will be singled out. Getting ready to take some kind of action against them. During the meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak also provided the principals of the state’s medical institutions with explicit instructions to put a halt to the practise of referring patients no matter the expense. LAMA cases, which stand for “left against medical advice,” need to be outlawed entirely.

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