Doctor detained in Ferozepur prison for supplying convicts with Drugs

Thursday, the special task force (STF) of the Punjab police arrested a Ferozepur central jail doctor for reportedly providing inmates with illegal narcotics under the guise of treatment.

The accused Dr. Shashi Bhushan was apprehended at his Ferozepur apartment with heroin, 14 lighters, burned money bills, and foil papers used to consume the narcotic.

Since November 2021, according to STF officials, the accused, who is himself a drug addict, has been sent to the prison hospital.

AIG Sandeep Kumar of the STF stated that Bhushan was under surveillance after the Ludhiana police provided information about the doctor’s role.

A few weeks ago, Ludhiana police interrogated a prisoner from Ferozepur in connection with a crime. During interrogation, he disclosed Bhushan’s behavior. Consequently, he was placed under observation and is currently being held with physical proof,” added Kumar.

Initial research revealed that the physician used to identify drug abusers and then offer them with various substances for a fee.

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