Intervention by the NHRC in a case of medical negligence guarantees that the doctor will face discipline

In response to the National Human Rights Commission’s intervention in a case of a pregnant woman’s death brought on by “medical negligence,” West Bengal’s government has agreed to pay her surviving family Rs 3.75 lakh as compensation, according to officials on Thursday.

In response to the event that occurred at the Lalbagh Sub-Divisional Hospital in Murshidabad on February 8, 2020, the state’s medical council has been ordered to take disciplinary action against the “negligent doctor,” it was announced in a statement.


Additionally, the Commission noted that the state is “vicariously accountable” for the doctor’s negligence and had suggested financial assistance.

In response to the Commission’s notices, the state government’s department of health and family welfare stated that an investigation committee had determined that the patient had had passed away “due to heart failure,” as stated on the death certificate.


During the investigation, it was also discovered that “the doctor who was on call was not present in the hospital and instead delivered directions to the nurses over the phone. After a five-hour delay, he saw the patient, according to the rights panel. Additionally, the state government was told that a departmental investigation had been opened against the physician.

The West Bengal Medical Council has also received a copy of the inquiry committee’s findings for possible disciplinary action against him, according to the statement.

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