Redevelopment master plan for AIIMS submitted to Center for approval

The director of AIIMS, Dr. Randeep Guleria, announced on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day that a master plan for the redevelopment of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) has been presented to the government.

The AIIMS Master Plan Project, which aims to redevelop our infrastructure in a holistic manner by consolidating patient care, teaching, research, and administration, outpatient services, and residential facilities, has been submitted to the government, Dr. Guleria said while speaking to the AIIMS faculty, administrative staff, and physicians.

Over 3000 patient care beds, including 300 emergency beds at the current Institute of the site, will be included in the project, which will also contain 50 additional operating rooms.

“With the construction of fifty new operating rooms and more than 3000 patient care beds, including 300 emergency beds, this project will convert AIIMS New Delhi into a world-class medical university,” he said.

The new project will install research labs, animal facilities, clinical trial facilities, 4000 hostel units, and 14000 parking spots.

Dr. Guleria said, “We have finished the project’s preliminary work and submitted the detail report to the government. Most recently, the government has told us that the project is a re-development project.”
He claimed that a new category of Medical Education and Research University has also combined five separate property parcels from Masjid Moth, Ansari Nagar West, Ansari Nagar East, and Trauma Center.

According to him, the Delhi Development Authority has also combined five distinct property parcels from Masjid Moth, Ansari Nagar West, Ansari Nagar East, and Trauma Center under a new category of Medical Education and Research University, which will provide the campus more flexibility.

“I am optimistic that, on the occasion of our nation’s 75th anniversary of independence, AIIMS will usher in a new period of comprehensive transformation, in which not only our physical infrastructure but also our digital backbone and assets will be developed to the highest standards possible.”
Prior to this, the Central government made the decision to host a “Chintan Shivir” with the main goal of enhancing the performance of the AIIMS nationwide.

The professionals and stakeholders will debate standards of teaching, learning, research, and service delivery for patients at AIIMS during the next Chintan Shivir, which will take place on August 24 and 25.
The evaluation of “patient satisfaction” in AIIMS, as well as institutional procedures to make amenities accessible to patients “with ease,” will also be a priority, sources told ANI.

Directors from several AIIMS campuses in India will be present at the Chintan Shivir, which will concentrate on how AIIMS may serve as a single platform for a variety of clinical research goals. (ANI)

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