Doctor from Jamshedpur jumps off the fifth floor and perishes

Jeet Lal, a 70-year-old ailing doctor, killed himself by falling from the fifth story of the Madhusudan Apartment, which is located close to Dimna Chowk and is part of the MGM police station in Jamshedpur.

He was immediately taken to MGM Hospital, where after an inspection, the physicians pronounced him brought dead. According to reports, Dr. Jeet was also afflicted with a terrible ailment. Years ago, he had taken VRS. In Madhusudan Apartment, he resided. Due to his sickness, he frequently suffered from depression. It is assumed that his condition was the cause of his suicide.

At the past, Jeetlal worked in Chakradharpur. Also present was DSP Patmada Sumit Kumar. Police are looking into a suicide report that hasn’t been received, according to DSP Patmada. Meanwhile, other family members speculate that he might have gone to the balcony and somehow managed to trip over the railing before falling. He committed suicide, according to the results of the police inquiry. The body was taken into possession and sent for a post-mortem by someone.

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