Economic Times recognises TM Media as one of its “Most Influential Leaders.”

The “Economic Times Most Influential Leaders Award” was recently given to TM Media (Titan Biotech Ltd.) by Economic Times. These executives’ accomplishments have also been documented in an ET Now TV episode called ET Most Influential Leaders, which shows off their impressive and inspirational work in the related industries. To celebrate their accomplishments, these leaders are also profiled in an exclusive story on

A large variety of microbiological products are produced by TM Media, including biological media bases, dehydrated culture media and supplements, antibiotic discs, and various types of ready-to-use media. Additionally, the research and detection have become considerably safer and simpler thanks to its Ready to Use Culture Media and Absolute EM range.

Titan Biotech Ltd. has established itself in the microbial sector over the past 30 years by enhancing the methods for cultivating microorganisms, doing quality checks, and keeping track of the environment.

On this occasion, Mr. Udit Singla, Vice President of TM Media, said, “Over the years, demand for our products has grown significantly, and we have successfully met all of it. We are proud to declare that we have become one of the world’s reputable suppliers thanks to our persistent efforts to produce high-quality goods.

Titan Biotech Limited’s TM Media division, which specialises in microbiology, is a one-stop shop for all kinds of microbiological goods. In order to meet the continually shifting demands of the microbiological world, the company’s staff of diligent experts, researchers, and scientists stays up to date in their respective domains and is an expert in them. The demand for its product has multiplied over time, and it has effectively met all of them. The business is proud to announce that its persistent efforts to produce high-quality products and adherence to strict guidelines for the creation of sterilised media have ultimately made the business one of the most respected suppliers worldwide.

The praise and adoration for its goods say volumes about their excellence and moral character. The pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology and fermentation, medical industries, cosmetics and agricultural products sectors all depend on the best microbiological products from TM Media. The business is present in more than 77 nations.

The following certifications, which provide customers confidence in TM Media’s goods, are the result of the company’s ongoing efforts to be recognised on national and worldwide platforms.

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